Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Project 2: Web Statement

My "how to" website design combines linear and non-linear forms of navigation with illustration and animation, to inform and illustrate the steps needed in order to know "how to" throw a major league style pitch with a few fun facts on the side.

Project 2: Final

Project 2: Semi Final

Project 2: Digital Comps Revised

Project 2: Digital Comps

Project 2: Initial Concepts

Project 2: Wireframe

Project 2: Research and Sitemap

Project 1: Final Revision

Project 1: Final

Project 1: Semi Final Revised

Project 1: Semi Final

Project 1: Digital Comps Revised

Project 1: Digital Comps

Project 1: Revisions

Project 1: Initial Concepts

Project 1: Research