Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visual Language | Chosen Object and Audience

Vinyl Records


I think the audience that would be interested in would be classic music lovers and the children of these people.

Adults now a days grew up with this medium and have grown to love it from the experience of playing and listening to the vinyl record. Listening to their records brings them back to a simpler time, maybe there teen years when everything in their world seemed so new and wonderful. 

Also, along with those adults their children also have the possibility to be interested in this way of listening to music. Now a days things from our past often become popular and cool and it is not out of the ordinary for them to listen to this medium. 

Most of these people have some sort of emotional connection with this medium which is why they listen to records in this age of digital quality music. It brings them back to their childhood and allows them to forget about their busy lives.

I think that people would enjoy going to an exhibit to view their favorite album artwork and and listening to the music in a variety of record players, showcasing their quality and wonder.

Design Systems | Initial Logo Sketches

Initial Logo Sketches

Here are a few initial sketches for Seattle's transit system.

There are more sketches coming I have to re-shoot them.

Page 1 | Overall

Seaway | Detail photos

Playing off the coastal aspect of the state. Imagery associated with water seems to be very popular in this city.

Yellow Brick | Detail Photo

A parody of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. The yellow brick road led to the emerald city.The nickname of Seattle is the Emerald City.

S. S. Seattle | Detail Photo

Another sea related sketch

Overall | Page 2

Additional Page of sketches

Monday, September 22, 2008

Multimedia Experience | Community Research Poster, Final

Final Solution | Single Drinker

Here is the final solution to my community research poster

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Design Systems | Brand Research

Link to my Rapid Transit System Brand Research

Brand Research

Multimedia Experience | Community Research Poster, First Round

Coffee/Espresso Drinkers

Here is the first crack at the community poster for coffee drinkers. Lack of content, grammar, and clarification of connections have been the main critiques. 

Visual Language | Final Statement

First Poster

Because our generation is the most marketed to of any so far, they can pretty much sniff out any thing that is being marketed to them. Upon realizing that they close off and do no allow the message to take its full effect. Using simple iconographic imagery as well as other mixed media I have created a dynamic image that does not force someone to listen but instead draws them in and lets them make their own decision.

The first poster is irony of an icon. It is irony because the message directly contrasts the imagery, and the icon comes into play because of the way that I have treated the imagery.

Second Poster

In direct contrast to my first poster, this poster takes that marketed to culture and feeds its hunger. I have used this parody of a popular pop-culture icon to draw attention to our culture and how branded it is. Also, it works even further because of the fact that myspace is a community in which people can join and participate much like the voting system.

I have use a parody of an index in this poster. It is a parody because it references the pop-culture website myspace. It is an index because myspace has recently become part of the culture and it is only known by those that use it and are around it.

Visual Language | Final Link Posts

Project 1 | Final Voting Posters and Documentation

First Idea

Second Idea

Process Documentation

Visual Language | Final Revisions

Idea 1 | 1


After talking to Jamie and hearing her feedback I realized that the poster needed to be simplified even more than it already is removing static and focusing on what was important within the image. I decreased the type size of the instructions and also edited the copy to improve the effectiveness of the message. Matt also suggested that I try and trace over the image in pencil in order to clean the lines up and get all of the remaining static out of the poster. I implemented these suggestions and in the end was pleased with the result.

Idea 1 | 2

Along with making the above changes I also messed with the main copy at the bottom. Changing what is says along with the location of the text so that the new copy fit in well compositionally. 
Idea 2 | 1


After talking with jamie and a few other people I have implemented a few changes in the design of my poster. First I made the icons recognizable as the american flag with the red and white stripes instead of the body of the icon. I also decided to keep the .com in as well because there is no such site, and I think people will understand that. Also it doesn't have the same affect visually without it.

Idea 2 | 2

After further inspection I realized that it is still to similar to the myspace logo that everyone is so familiar with. I think by just changing something as small as the heads, replacing them with stars, makes all the difference in the world. Now it is it's own unique symbol while still being recognizable as a parody of the well known myspace logo.

Visual Language | JR | SR Progress Crit

First Idea


For the most part it seemed that they like this idea. My troupes seemed to be working well with this almost iconic imagery that I have been working with.

We discussed problems that I have been dealing with such as the copy writing as well as the imagery. In the end I decided to open the eyes of the people in the photographs as well as work on improving the copy so that my message is clear and gets carried out the way that I intended it to.

Second Idea

This idea definetely needed improvement. The imagery needed work correctly for the parody to work correctly. Right now it is not doing so.

What the imagery is on the poster is not very clear. I was trying to make it look like someone behind a curtain at a voting booth, but they said that was not clear. Maybe the flag could be some interesting imagery that could be easily identified. The check mark for the just do it poster should also reflect more of the clean asthetic that nike uses. What I have right now is not working. Also, a typeface that is more like the typeface that nike actually uses.

Overall, I feel that I got some really valuable feed back from Jessica and Sara and I will be looking to implement their feedback in my next round of sketches.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Multimedia Experience | Newsletter Link

Sorry for the delayed post for my newsletter url. I was having technical difficulties.

Here it is

Newsletter Link

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Visual Language | Concept 1 Iterations


Concept 1 Iterations. As you can see I liked this idea a bit more.

Visual Language | Concept 2 Iterations


Here is the progress so far on my second idea. Work in Progress.

Visual Language | Matrix and Process Sketches


Here are the sketches and matrix that I have developed based on my research.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Multimedia Experience | Community Model



The main priority of an individual's desire to join an "online community" is to gain interconnections with other users. In order to connect with the other users, individuals must contribute, whether it be informational or media content. This worthy contribution is a form of communication, one of the strongest aspects of "online interaction". However, one must communicate in order to contribute. Without communication, the bonds of individual connections would be lost. Following the contributions, gratification would develop. Pride in one's self and the community as a whole, will ultimately maintain stability.

The importance of online collaboration is very simple. yes it does exist and there will always be room for it. Without it, people would lose that contribution of communication and interaction. And the internet as we know it (WEB2.0) would cease to exist.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Multimedia Experience | E-mail Comps

First Round Concepts-

My objective while creating these e-mails was to not just gather information about the viewer and send them things that they might like, but to instead provide them with the necessary tools to customized their own e-mails to their liking by category and key words. A main focus for my audience is that this bulletin is as interactive as possible, ( multiple click able objects, roll overs, search bar connected directly to the site, as well as options that let you add and delete potential genres of news.)


I decided to explore a horizontal format similar to that of a computer screen although a little bit smaller so that the viewer could have multiple windows open at the same time, since multi-tasking is a big part of this demographics personality. I split the viewers chosen topics into two sections, the left being the most interested in and the right the second and third. The user has the ability to add or subtrac t a story if they were send something they didn't like or if they want more stories related to it.

Interactive | Custom

I think that the interactivity could be a problem with this concept but I still like the format and concept of it. Essentially it a smaller version of the site. Already uploaded are several top stories from each category. As you receive more and more e-mails you can start to favorite some by pressing t he plus sign or delete by the minus. The information will be sent back to the host and will be reflected in your following e-mails. At the bottom their is a list of related articles and a picture that corresponds with a rollover and links to the articles. This concept also includes the search bar at the bottom for spontaneous searches sparked by reading the articles.


This concept focuses more on a community of users sharing information with one another. Similar to facebook or myspace you can become friends with people and share news stories and movies through e-mail. If you like a story you can click the share button, adding it to your favorites where it will be sent to your friends and so on. I also used a grid structure to keep the content in a comfortable composition that allows the eye to flow naturally through the page.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Multimedia Experience | Audience Research

Urban Professionals | Married | Tech-savvy

Overall Description-

When discussing this demographic the assumed age for this type of lifestyle is around 30-45 years of age, married with children more than likely, and aware of the latest technology trends and gadgets. They require a stable lifestyle and income to have a healthy family life with their spouse and children. They would most likely spend a lot of time in the home and therefor would probably spend a good deal of money improving their life within the home such a electronic gadgets, time saving devices, and home improvement and renovations. Because this demographic spends a good deal of time in the house they also have the desire to use that money they saved sitting at home to go out and treat themselves as well as their families to a night on the town.

Urban Professionals

Family Oriented