Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Multimedia Experience | E-mail Comps

First Round Concepts-

My objective while creating these e-mails was to not just gather information about the viewer and send them things that they might like, but to instead provide them with the necessary tools to customized their own e-mails to their liking by category and key words. A main focus for my audience is that this bulletin is as interactive as possible, ( multiple click able objects, roll overs, search bar connected directly to the site, as well as options that let you add and delete potential genres of news.)


I decided to explore a horizontal format similar to that of a computer screen although a little bit smaller so that the viewer could have multiple windows open at the same time, since multi-tasking is a big part of this demographics personality. I split the viewers chosen topics into two sections, the left being the most interested in and the right the second and third. The user has the ability to add or subtrac t a story if they were send something they didn't like or if they want more stories related to it.

Interactive | Custom

I think that the interactivity could be a problem with this concept but I still like the format and concept of it. Essentially it a smaller version of the site. Already uploaded are several top stories from each category. As you receive more and more e-mails you can start to favorite some by pressing t he plus sign or delete by the minus. The information will be sent back to the host and will be reflected in your following e-mails. At the bottom their is a list of related articles and a picture that corresponds with a rollover and links to the articles. This concept also includes the search bar at the bottom for spontaneous searches sparked by reading the articles.


This concept focuses more on a community of users sharing information with one another. Similar to facebook or myspace you can become friends with people and share news stories and movies through e-mail. If you like a story you can click the share button, adding it to your favorites where it will be sent to your friends and so on. I also used a grid structure to keep the content in a comfortable composition that allows the eye to flow naturally through the page.

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