Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visual Language | Final Statement

First Poster

Because our generation is the most marketed to of any so far, they can pretty much sniff out any thing that is being marketed to them. Upon realizing that they close off and do no allow the message to take its full effect. Using simple iconographic imagery as well as other mixed media I have created a dynamic image that does not force someone to listen but instead draws them in and lets them make their own decision.

The first poster is irony of an icon. It is irony because the message directly contrasts the imagery, and the icon comes into play because of the way that I have treated the imagery.

Second Poster

In direct contrast to my first poster, this poster takes that marketed to culture and feeds its hunger. I have used this parody of a popular pop-culture icon to draw attention to our culture and how branded it is. Also, it works even further because of the fact that myspace is a community in which people can join and participate much like the voting system.

I have use a parody of an index in this poster. It is a parody because it references the pop-culture website myspace. It is an index because myspace has recently become part of the culture and it is only known by those that use it and are around it.

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