Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visual Language | Voting Demographic Research

Young Democratic Adults | 18-25

1.What are some predominately shared values? (broadly in life, not politics)

-Believe their generation is unique and distinct.

-Homosexuality is more accepted today as well as a more positive view of immigration

-Technologically savvy with a large focus on interactivity and connectivity with text messaging, e-mail, and sites such a and

-Maintain closer ties to their families.

-More aware of environmental problems.

-More questionable lifestyle

-casual sex, violence, binge drinking, and illegal drug use.

-More tattoos, hair dye, and peircings.

-Less of an emphasis on religion and religious practices.

-Top goals fame and fortune.
2. What political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why?

-Issues concerning the environment are definitely more important with concerns of global warming and generations to come.

-Increased investments in healthcare and education can put more money in there pockets in the long run.

-Public health care and more government help for education can help more young adults go to school and earn a decent living.

-War is a bad thing.

-Enlistment in the armed service and the number of veterans has decreased dramatically since the 1960’s, mostly due to lack of national patriotism.
3. Are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with? what?

-Materialistic, obsessed with pop-culture, technology, and brands.

- Most marketed to generation, and they love every minute of it.

-Music- Pop-Punk? While I personally don’t listen to this type of music, I do agree that that seems to be the major interest in this demographic although indie rock is still very prevalent.

-Reality Television- In a time were everyone wants to be a star reality television has become an outlet for those desires. It allows completely run of the mill insane people to become famous for nothing more that being a tremendous bitch.

-Internet- Sites such a,, have come to be a major communication outlet with less of a focus on face to face conversations.
4. What does their graphic landscape look like? (This is sometimes called a "visual audit")

-Simplicity is in- Because of the rise of the computer and computer generated graphics it has become a more acceptable and popular way to communicate visually to this demographic.

-Collage has also become popular due to the rise of the computer. Because graphic solutions have become more common their has also been an emphasis placed on hand generated material. What was traditionally was accepted as artwork is being challenged and people are trying to find new illustrative kinds of expression. Often seen in the Indie Rock scene.

-Nostalgia- This demographic is often interested in things that will help them remember their childhood joy.

-Tattoos have also become a more acceptable form of personal identification, there is more of an emphasis on the individual rather than the group in this demographic.

-The 80’s style and culture has seemed to become more prevalent these days but with a mix of current culture as well. Form, bright colors, and contrast have become popular once again.

5. Including the AIGA document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?

-Peace and relative prosperity. (no foundation shaking events to bring about national patriotism, 9/11 wasn’t enough)

-Cable. (More emphasis on entertainment television as opposed to the news and the newspaper.

-Voter education and lack of interest- Senate has considered lowering the voting age to 17 to get kids more interested in politics early on.

-Candidates do not support this age groups issues because of the lack of voters in the pool. (Because they don’t vote they don’t care about the issues important to this demographic).

-Sub-par public speaking- No longer do candidates try and set themselves apart with enthrawling speeches and promises of a better life, but now are more focused on putting down their opponent and telling you why you should not vote for the opponent and not explaining why you should vote for them.