Thursday, August 28, 2008

4. What does their graphic landscape look like? (This is sometimes called a "visual audit")

-Simplicity is in- Because of the rise of the computer and computer generated graphics it has become a more acceptable and popular way to communicate visually to this demographic.

-Collage has also become popular due to the rise of the computer. Because graphic solutions have become more common their has also been an emphasis placed on hand generated material. What was traditionally was accepted as artwork is being challenged and people are trying to find new illustrative kinds of expression. Often seen in the Indie Rock scene.

-Nostalgia- This demographic is often interested in things that will help them remember their childhood joy.

-Tattoos have also become a more acceptable form of personal identification, there is more of an emphasis on the individual rather than the group in this demographic.

-The 80’s style and culture has seemed to become more prevalent these days but with a mix of current culture as well. Form, bright colors, and contrast have become popular once again.

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