Friday, October 31, 2008

Visual Language | Round 3 Postcard Research Summation

I decided to take jessica's iteration of the postcard and take the image a certain direction, a negative or positive one.  Also, I had to do some research and place the image in the context of a product. I chose a cultural icon, silent films. 

I chose silent films because of the emotion that the music conveyed during the playing of these movies. Because there was no sound to communicate what was going on exactly they had to do this through text and sound that would help put the viewer in the correct state of mind for what was happening on screen. There would be a light whimsical tune for a happy moment and maybe a dark foreboding tuba and trumpet for a scene of great terror or mystery. All of these feelings are conveyed through this music even with out the use of imagery. Put those together and you have some very powerful communicative tools.