Monday, October 27, 2008

Visual Language | Round 2 Final


jessicabayer said...

To me this postcard is affirming the negative tone of my original postcard. I am led to believe this by the treatment of this photograph, the multiple layers and varying degrees of opacity create this eery feeling. I believe that the added element in the photograph is a burning house that was set on fire by someone. This postcard has a defined point of view, the person who started this fire. I say this because this photograph seems to have a narrative, someone starting a fire, running away after starting it, and this moment is the starter of the fire dropping the matches and leaving the site. This narrative of running away is again assumed from the layers of the photograph and opacity, ginving me the feeling of movement. There also looks to me to be a layer of graffiti perhaps on the postcard, and when graffiti is in the context of this postcard it gives me one more clue of someone starting a fire.

Justin Schulte said...

I was originally going for a negative connotation with this alteration to the photograph. I decided to steer away from earlier sketches that I had explored because they just weren't communicating the way I would have liked them to. I decided to start layering these elements as well as introducing the image of a burning house in the background to create a narrative in the photograph. I wasn't trying to suggest the person running away instead I was referencing the irratic movement that occurs in moments of great stress or terror, however I was trying to suggest that the matches were the cause of this destruction going on in the background which jessica picked up quite well. I also changed the hue of the matchbook to resemble that of the burning house to just try and tie the two images together in a more cohesive system.