Monday, October 20, 2008

Visual Language | Comm Model


jessicabayer said...


i am commenting on the one at the bottom of the post. I think that your other postcard is to abstract to relay the message that it is a record and based on that statement and the reading, I would not be able to judge the composition because I do not know the context that the photograph is in.

I am really having a hard time trying to establish an opinion of a negative or positive tone this photograph is leaning to. My initial guess that I would say would be negative because of the overall darkness of the photograph and the way that the light is catching the upper right of the photograph, the jagged shapes of the upper right reflection. Also the level of abstraction of the object would make me believe that you are going for a negative tone. However, there is something very sensuous about this image, the aesthetic of the image is similar to Man Ray's work which could lead me in the direction of positive as well. I think that the most important categories for this message was transmission, the fact that the image was captured through a photograph gives me a uniquely different feeling than what a different medium would, as well as destination. I think it would be hard to know whether the object was a record if I did not know that you were working with the object. Noise was very important to this photograph because I did not know how to respond; it seemed more neutral to me than leaning to a particular feeling. I was captivated more by the aesthetic quality of the photograph than the emotion that I received.

Justin Schulte said...

With this photograph I was really trying to abstract the image of the record. I chose a black background because I figured it would help the record not stand out as much. I was originally going for a positive connotation, trying to catch the record in motion, but I think that the black background kind of took over and might have made it translate negatively. Jessica did a good job describing it as sensuous. I think the main thing that I was trying to communicate was the smoothness of this medium.