Sunday, September 21, 2008

Idea 2 | 1


After talking with jamie and a few other people I have implemented a few changes in the design of my poster. First I made the icons recognizable as the american flag with the red and white stripes instead of the body of the icon. I also decided to keep the .com in as well because there is no such site, and I think people will understand that. Also it doesn't have the same affect visually without it.

Idea 2 | 2

After further inspection I realized that it is still to similar to the myspace logo that everyone is so familiar with. I think by just changing something as small as the heads, replacing them with stars, makes all the difference in the world. Now it is it's own unique symbol while still being recognizable as a parody of the well known myspace logo.

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jamie said...

Justin, review some of your earlier versions of this poster and bring back those qualities for the AIGA exhibit.

By removing the grit/texture you lost some of the personality and impact. You needed to clarify the imagery, while not loosing the stylistic qualities.