Monday, September 1, 2008

Design Systems | Research Options

1. Renewable Energy Company- 

International Renewable Energy Company. Research and Development of Renewable bio-fuel, electric, solar, wind, and other forms of clean renewable energy. The brand will focus on it's eco-friendly approach to the energy crisis while still being seen as a reliable source of fuel products. 

2. National Motor Company-

Motor company focusing mainly of clean efficient motor vehicles: Air, Electric, and Petroleum-Electric Hybrid vehicles. The companies emphasis would be on the future of car design, which includes energy efficient vehicles, car safety, and reliability, which all would have to be communicated through the brand.

3. Nationwide Subway System-

This company would focus on the environmental benefits of public transportation as well as the contribution to the community that it makes. The campaign would focus on getting more people to ride public systems and in order to do that we would need to promote a clean, safe, and healthy environment for citizens to feel safe and comfortable while riding.

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I'm sensing a trend here Justin. What do you think about the idea of branding an overall transportation strategy for a metropolitan area. This way, you could touch on all 3 of the items you've mentioned. You're not required to go this route, but it seemed a natural outgrowth of what you've proposed, and could help differentiate your project from others. Let me know your thoughts.