Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visual Language | Chosen Object and Audience

Vinyl Records


I think the audience that would be interested in would be classic music lovers and the children of these people.

Adults now a days grew up with this medium and have grown to love it from the experience of playing and listening to the vinyl record. Listening to their records brings them back to a simpler time, maybe there teen years when everything in their world seemed so new and wonderful. 

Also, along with those adults their children also have the possibility to be interested in this way of listening to music. Now a days things from our past often become popular and cool and it is not out of the ordinary for them to listen to this medium. 

Most of these people have some sort of emotional connection with this medium which is why they listen to records in this age of digital quality music. It brings them back to their childhood and allows them to forget about their busy lives.

I think that people would enjoy going to an exhibit to view their favorite album artwork and and listening to the music in a variety of record players, showcasing their quality and wonder.

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