Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visual Language | JR | SR Progress Crit

First Idea


For the most part it seemed that they like this idea. My troupes seemed to be working well with this almost iconic imagery that I have been working with.

We discussed problems that I have been dealing with such as the copy writing as well as the imagery. In the end I decided to open the eyes of the people in the photographs as well as work on improving the copy so that my message is clear and gets carried out the way that I intended it to.

Second Idea

This idea definetely needed improvement. The imagery needed work correctly for the parody to work correctly. Right now it is not doing so.

What the imagery is on the poster is not very clear. I was trying to make it look like someone behind a curtain at a voting booth, but they said that was not clear. Maybe the flag could be some interesting imagery that could be easily identified. The check mark for the just do it poster should also reflect more of the clean asthetic that nike uses. What I have right now is not working. Also, a typeface that is more like the typeface that nike actually uses.

Overall, I feel that I got some really valuable feed back from Jessica and Sara and I will be looking to implement their feedback in my next round of sketches.

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