Thursday, April 3, 2008

Project 3: Revised Wireframe Sketches 2


jamie said...

FYI and for clarification of your terminology... you'll need to re-title this blog post as "design comps" or "layouts" or "first phase creative". These are not wireframes any longer.

With that said, it is fine to be exploring this now (be sure content, navigation are resolved in the wireframes though). I see your visual inspiration / connection to your moodboards in the post below.

jamie said...

Navigation on an angle is difficult to achieve.

The web wants to be structured, so you'll need to establish an underlying grid. Print out one of your layouts and draw out your grid on top of it in pencil and ruler. See how you can "fake" the angle. Be also aware of how large the rollover state will become when doing this.

Review this article
Then discuss with me what you think about it on Wednesday. Especially about fig 11.