Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visual Advocacy Project 1

Televangelist Propaganda Assignment

I have added more facts to the actual movie as well as trying to deal with the sound and typography problems that were apparent during the last showing of this short film.

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Kelly Flaherty said...

I'm curious if the verse would be better left for the end. I don't understand what to make of it before I know who Benny Himm is but if I go through the video and then read the verse it becomes informed and I understand the purpose or meaning behind that verse. Doing this would be especially needed for those who don't read or discuss scripture. I know it as straight forward as a Bible verse can get but I don't think it sets this piece and what is to come up well. It leaves me confused not curious.

Although much of your pacing has improved I am still having issues reading the beginning Bible verse. Maybe if you showed one verse and then brought in the next verse it would allow slower readers to digest it at a similar pace to fast readers. The same thing happens the first time you talk about other healers. I cannot read that last sentence, and this sentence sets up your next arguments about where the money goes to.

I'm unsure whether or not to believe that the money used on all these expenses comes from the funds he receives as donation. I don't believe it yet. I see it as speculation still. Is there more proof? Examples were nice but proof that they come from the donated funds, rather than assuming they do since the donations are so much would be helpful. Maybe explaining how much his crusades cost in relationship to how much he receives there will be a gap of unaccounted/unspent money so he might use it for personal gain. If I understood that this money from the donations is used for other things and doesn't add up to the amount I might believe he begins to use it for himself.

The most provocative sentence in your entire movie is the one questioning the amount of people who have died because they were waiting to be healed rather than medical attention. That comment alone makes me understand the kind of deception he places upon these people far more than swindling their money. Can you maybe explain that he swindles people out of their life savings? Create another question about money similar to one about waiting to be healed? That might be a more powerful way of explaining that section too.

The music you have provided is appropriate in setting a tone that is unsettling and engaging. Based on some of the sounds I want to listen to what this is backing up. Having real commentary from him, a believer, and a skeptic are great resources to add range for your perspective. You have taken into consideration all three voices and used one of yours to show how foolish the believer is and how manipulating Benny is.

I think, however, using the clips can work against you. You are taking his speeches out of context and surrounding them by your own words which creates a different message due to those circumstances. I can see you still having the problem of feeling like propaganda yourself, but am unsure if you could ever shake this.

You certainly used the emotional response the audience has to sound, music, and color to your advantage when trying to get people on your side. I think this works since it is a emotional conversation he is having. It almost makes you aware that Benny is using similar attributes to convince his audience. Maybe that is another way of playing it up. An entirely different direction. Mocking him. Or doing a parody. I'm not sure how convincing your facts would be, but that same impression and connection between you and Benny might come across and be revealed to the viewer.

It's moving in a better direction, but some of the larger complications it was having (feeling itself like a piece of propaganda) still exist.