Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visual Advocacy Project 2

Here is the link to the blog for this project as well as photographs of the finished book.

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Anonymous said...

After looking over your revised one I feel that you have made great strides. I enjoy the fact that you have made a secondary component (blog) to this I feel it ties into your concept more. I also enjoy that you have allotted for more room to add to your manifesto instead of a tiny space on the back. I feel overall it became alot more cohesive in idea and production. The idea of leaving yourself behind (stickers) is also a great way to "get your manifesto" out there - you allow it to become a form of advertisement or nay an invitation to visit your blog component or acquire a booklet themselves. It's nice to be able to correlate the images from the book manifesto to the blog site and understand what you were thinking when adding them - I feel it gives more meaning to the images you have chosen or what interests, inspires and motivates you. You can truely begin to see how personal your manifesto is to you and that I think is important but also your allowing others to understand "you" better. Overall I think the improvements you have made are much better.